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Access hiking trails on the slopes of Mount Washington for a different perspective on the terrain! Pack for a day of hiking and enjoy the surrounding views of Strathcona Park and the Salish Sea. Experience the stunning beauty of our natural environment, offering a plethora of flora and fauna to familiarize yourself with along the way.

Trails Accessible from the Alpine Lodge Base (hike up to the top, free access):
  • Giv'r
  • Linton's
  • Finger Access Road to Finger Trail (multi-use for XC)

Trails Accessible from the top of Eagle Chair (Scenic Ticket access required): 
  • Top of the World
  • Memory Lane
  • West Ridge Summit
  • Great Big View
How to prepare for a great day of hiking?
Pack sunscreen, a hat, sun protective clothing, sunglasses, bug spray and snacks such as trail mix. Wear closed-toe shoes and be prepared to encounter various rugged terrain. Bring plenty of water, as no water locations are on the mountain throughout your journey. Refill stations are available within the Alpine Lodge.





Memory LaneDistance: 0.7km
Short trail with a series of benches to honour the lives of staff, family and friends.
Top of the WorldDistance: 1.0km
Enjoy this spectacular sea to sky panorama from the peak of the mountain.
Linton's TrailDistance: 2.1km
Reopened! Some rough a rugged sections. Following the famous ski run, Linton's Trail provides great awe-inspiring views of Strathcona Park and Mt. Albert Edward. Trail marked with RED FLAGS.
West Summit RidgeDistance: 4.3km
This trail winds through West Basin and then peaks at little Mount Washington before descending through alpine meadows. The trail is completed at the bottom of the ridge and requires hikers to return back to the eagle unload Trail marked with BLUE FLAGS.
Giv'r TrailDistance: 1.1km
It's steep up and steep down, the most challenging way to get to the peak. Trail marked with YELLOW tape.
Finger Access RoadDistance: 1.6km Multi-Use Trail
Multi-use trail and access road for our XC trails on the far west of our trail network. This is our main multi-use trail access for our Finger trail.
Finger TrailDistance: 7.5kmMulti-Use Trail
Closed until further notice for maintenance. This trail can be accessed without a chair lift ride, however, a waiver and free pass need to be picked up at the Alpine Lodge prior to entering the bike park. The mountain's signature XC trail, delivering challenging terrain and providing unparalleled views of Strathcona Provincial Park. Steeper grades with more difficult obstacles offer riders a natural progression to more advanced XC skills.
Finger Trail Bi-PassDistance: 0.5kmMulti-Use Trail
Short bi-pass route
Great Big ViewDistance: 0.3kmMulti-Use Trail
Multi-use trail overlooking the Raven Lodge and providing spectacular views of the Strathcona Park.
Mount Washington Wildlife, Flora and Fauna

Flora & Fauna
Wildlife and more!

Mount Washington is committed to preserving and enhancing the natural resources that are at the core of what makes our location so special. Working with organizations such as The Marmot Recovery Foundation, are causes near and dear to our hearts.

Mount Washington is such a special place. We have a long history of being good stewards of the land on which we operate, but we wanted to take another step to help improve our environment.
Flora & Fauna
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Summer Operations Start June 15th

Thanks for another memorable season with us here at Mount Washington Alpine Resort. We are now closed for the winter 2023/24 season, reopening for summer activities in mid-June 2024. All mountain slopes and terrain are officially closed to the public; for everyone's safety, please avoid trespassing as our teams actively work with machinery around the mountain on end-of-season projects. Thanks for your cooperation! We can't wait to see you this summer.

Updated: 2024-05-28 - 19:36 PM

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