Smoke-Free Zone

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All patrons of Mt Washington deserve to live, work, study and play in smokefree environments.
Smoke Free

In survey after survey, our guests inform us one of their top reasons for visiting Mt. Washington is the fresh air and pristine alpine environment. Listening to our customer's feedback, Mt. Washington is a smoke-free resort.

This policy extends to all Resort property, including parking lots, chairlifts, ski runs, bike, hiking and Nordic trails and public spaces within the resort area boundary. The policy covers all smoking, including vaporizers and cannabis (prescribed and recreational).

Evolving to a smoke-free resort ensures that all of our guests experience the 100% natural environment they expect when visiting one of Canada’s most beautiful destinations. We believe that this policy is in line with our mission: to provide exceptional alpine experiences in a safe and natural environment.

The Resort has stopped all smoking services by discontinuing the sale of smoking products. Mt. Washington wants to ensure that a fair and consistent approach to enforcement. The expectation of compliance from staff and guests with our new smoke-free policy is high. Nevertheless, where non-compliance takes place, an awareness of full policy information will be provided.

All patrons of Mt Washington deserve to live, work, ski, ride, and play in smokefree environments. By implementing the policies to make our environment smokefree, we can:
  •     Protect all workers and patrons from the dangers of secondhand smoke
  •     Reduce death and diseases associated with secondhand smoke
  •     Motivate smokers to quit
  •     Reduce the number of people who start smoking
See how we are taking steps to make sure everyone can enjoy clean, smokefree air in the alpine.
  •     Everyone should be able to breathe smokefree air in our restaurants, workplaces and other public places.
  •     Smokefree Policies in our lodging and housing
  •     Workplace Wellness

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