Rookie Year Season Pass (4-6 YRS)

All inclusive Season Passes for children who have never skied or snowboarded before. This pass product includes unlimited lift, rentals and afternoon group lessons in our Mountain Kids Snow School.

Ages Early Bird
Ends September 30, 2019
Oct 1, 2019 - April 2, 2020
Tots (4-5) $259.00 $369.00

Rookie Year Season Pass (7-12 YRS)

Ages Early Bird
Ends September 30, 2019
Oct 1, 2019 - April 2, 2020
Child (7-12) $479.00 $629.00

Please note: Reservations for our afternoon lessons are highly recommended. Rookies can reserve up to a maximum of two lessons at a time.  A $29 administration fee will be charged at the time of booking and will be refunded upon check in for the lesson. Any changes or cancellations made within 48 hours of the lesson time or missed lessons will be charged the $29 administration fee

Program Details

  • An all-inclusive lift, lesson and gear pass for one season, if it's your child's first year on snow
  • unlimited skiing and riding on lifts
  • unlimited ski and board rentals
  • unlimited group lesson in the afternoon with our Mountain Kids Snow School
  • That’s a $100 savings off a Child’s season pass, FREE rentals and lessons ALL year long!


  • Any Child who has NEVER Skied before qualifies for Rookie Year so that they can learn to ski.
  • We reserve the right to remove any participant that has provided inaccurate information on their skiing abilities.


Skiing and snowboarding is a lifelong pursuit. We believe it is about enjoying time with family and enjoying the mountains, especially in our unique coastal environment. Why not give your child the opportunity to enjoy this sport with Mount Washington’s new program called “Rookie Year”. This program is uniquely all inclusive which gives the Rookie unlimited access to the lifts, unlimited ski or snowboard rentals and afternoon group lessons in the Mt Kids snow school! Your child will ski and snowboard on new special learning gear exclusively from Rossignol and Burton that is designed for the first timer. Our award-winning Mountain Kids Snow School has small class sizes so your child will connect with their snow pro and meet new kids that love to ski too….. Most importantly your Rookie will have unlimited access to sliding all season long!


  • 100%! Please call ahead and book your child's 1 pm group lesson.
  • Please call at least 24 hours to avoid disappointment


  • 100%! Just pay the difference from your child's first time Discover lesson

Season Pass products have restrictions that are available here

Cancellation Policy

Mount Washington Alpine Resort Lesson Booking and Cancellation Policy:

All lesson/daycare cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson time.

All lessons/daycare sessions must be paid in full at the time of booking. Lesson/daycare cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson time. You can call Snow School at 250-338-1386 ext 384 for Mountain Kids programs (including daycare). You may also email for cancellations only. Do not use this email for questions or bookings, use the options for each program found below. Any cancellations made within 24-48 hours of your reserved lesson/daycare session, regardless of reason, will incur a $29.00 administration fee. Within 24 hours of the lesson time, no refunds will be issued for cancellations/re-bookings (changing of student-level exempt) Refunds will not be issued for missed lessons/daycare due to weather conditions or illness.

If you are late for a lesson we will do our best to re-book for later that day. If a guest becomes ill during a lesson we will re-book the lesson for another day.


Snow School Tips
  • The first thing to do is to expect variable weather conditions and bringing a jacket, snow pants, toque, gloves and goggles.
  • Try to show up at least one hour prior to your intended lesson time. All lessons and rentals are found in the Bradley Building, which can be reached by the chunnel connecting the two buildings. If your children are 12 and under please proceed downstairs once you have reached the Bradley building to book your child's lesson in Mountain Kids.
  • While in the chunnel you will see Rental Forms, which can be filled out for the rental of your equipment, lessons are then booked at the Snow School desk.
  • If you would like to save time and download and print the Assumption of Risk and Rental Agreement prior to arriving at the mountain, you may download the Mountain Kids rental waiver here (PDF) or the adult rental waiver here (PDF). The agreement MUST BE PRINTED IN COLOR. Black and white copies will not be accepted.

Alpine Rentals Form and Waiver (PDF). The agreement MUST BE PRINTED IN COLOR. Black and White copies will not be accepted.

Winter Bradley Centre Snow School Hours:

Located through the chunnel from the Marmot floor of the Alpine Lodge
  • December to April
  • Sun. - Wed.: 8am to 4pm
  • Thurs. - Sat., & holidays: 8am to 8pm (during Night Skiing season, otherwise until 4pm)

Pre-Register for all the listed programs at least 2 days prior to arrival by calling Reservations at 250-338-1386. There is a limit to class sizes and some classes do fill up. Same day "On-Site" registration ends 30 minutes prior to lesson start time and is on a space availability basis.


Tips for Parents| Before You Arrive

  • Lesson length determined by Program or Lesson in which the child is participating in.
  • Ensure that they are well rested, have eaten breakfast, and have recovered from their journey.
  • Bring them appropriately dressed for the conditions dressed and ready to ski or snowboard.
  • Don't worry about tears! Our instructors are kind, caring and trained to calm the fears of your child.
  • If you wish to check on your child, please phone, leave your contact info, or watch from afar.
  • Remember, weather conditions can change rapidly. Please ensure that your child is equipped with the following and that all belongings are labelled with your child's first and last name :
    • Neck gaitor
    • Goggles and sunglasses depending on the weather
    • Sunscreen and lip balm applied.
    • Waterproof & insulated mittens, gloves,
    • Jacket and pants (sorry, we don't have clothing rentals for children)
    • Long underwear and turtleneck warm
    • Dry socks
    • A helmet.

Did You Know...Helmets are included with all lessons for tots and kids! Pick up tickets and rentals before your child's first morning. Helmets are available for rent and are included in our rental package, but supply may be limited at peak times. Helmets are also available for purchase at Outdoor Elements. Helmets are mandatory for all children ages 3-18 participating in our ski and snowboard programs.
You can pick up your rentals at our location in Rossignal Experience Center  from 3:30pm until close the day before their lesson.
The Rossignal Experience Center  - Rentals Department is open daily from opening day in December until April's closing day, Thursday - Sunday 8am - 9:00pm, Monday - Wednesday 8am - 4:30pm.

If you are picking up tickets and rentals on your child's first morning, plan to arrive at 8:00 am.
If your child has tickets and equipment, please arrive between 8:30 and 8.45 am lessons start at 9.30am.

Meeting Locations

Children ages 4 - 6 with tickets and equipment meet on the snow outside the Rossignal Experience Center - Kids Floor in the fenced Tots meeting area, parents or guardians will need to sign their children in with the Snow School Staff. Staff will be available to direct you to the appropriate location for your child's age and ability.
Children 7 - 12 years old with tickets and equipment meet outside the Rossignal Experience Center - Kids Floor. Staff will be available to direct you to the appropriate location for your child's age and ability.
Youth 13 + will meet their instructor in front of the Rossignal Experience Center- upper floor.

Your Child's Day - Full day lessons Program
Your child will spend the day with their instructor and group sliding, exploring, laughing, learning and playing.
If your child has special dietary requirements, please discuss them with our sales hosts when making your reservation and again when you arrive to drop off your child. Please be aware we  DO NOT operate a nut free facility, please be sure to inform us of any allergies your child may have. You will also need to ensure you child has their epi pen on them should they require one.
4-12-year-olds have the option for lunch with the Snow School between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.
Actual time on snow will vary depending on weather conditions, the group's ability and stamina. All groups will take a 1-hour lunch break; usually, those who are at the early stages of learning to slide on snow and those groups with younger children will take more frequent breaks throughout the day to rest and recuperate.

Keep in mind that children learn at different rates and that the child's overall enjoyment of their time at Mountain Kids and on the mountain is most important.

End of the Day
Pick up time is 3:30 pm from the base you dropped your children off at. You will be required to sign a form, releasing your tot from the class at the end of the day.

Ability Videos

Not sure what level of skier or snowboarder you are? Please review these videos to help guide you towards the lesson best suited to your needs.

Tot Ability Videos

Not sure what level of skier or snowboarder you are? Please review these videos to help guide you towards the lesson best suited to your needs.

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