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Terrain Parks

Mount Washington terrain Park


Mount Washington has two terrain parks. The main park has rails, decks, boxes and jumps. Come out and give our park a try. For the younger groms looking to progress to the Bigger Terrain Park, our Easy Acres Terrain Park provides the perfect stepping stone in park riding. Smaller rails and fun boxes plus smaller graduated jump sizes wil help build confidence before heading up the mountain and sending it with the big boys and girls!.


Whats in the Park

1st Bench

15 ft flat bar rail, small jump

2nd Bench

rail, 40 ft flat box

3rd Bench

tubby tank, flat down

4th Bench Skiers Left

Shocker (JUMP) mini Shocker (Jump), Down flat Down box

4th Bench Skiers Right

intermediate jump, shotgun barrel

5th Bench Skiers Left

Large Marge (Jump), Mini Marge (Jump)

Jibbers Alley

Rainbow to Kicker, butter box

6th bench

S Box

The park crew is busy setting up and building features and jumps daily.

With abundant natural snowfall at their disposal, the Park Crew get to build the ultimate Terrain Park every winter! The Terrain Park features jumps, hips and step-ups, as well as a sumptuous smorgasboard of street-style rails and fun boxes. If you like flow and you’re an experienced park rider, then this is the park for you!

The Terrain Park isn’t all about throwing down - the park offers the best of both worlds. On top of being one of BC’s premier advanced parks, it contains the perfect learning park for those looking to get into park riding. In the learning area, the rails are shorter and the jumps are smaller which gives riders the opportunity to progress in a fun and safe environment.

Highlights of our Terrain Parks:

40’ Flat Box

40’ Flat Down Box

36’ Battleship Box

36’ Battleship Box

20’ Street Down Bar

16’ Street Flat Bar

C Box

S Box

32’ Rainbow to Kicker Box

24’ C Rail

24’ Rainbow Rail

36’ Rainbow Deck

16’ Flat Box

8’ Flat Box

B Barrel Bonks

24’ Down Flat Down Box

24’ Flat Down Box

24’ Flat to Kicker Box

8’ Flat Rail

8x4 Flat Deck

A Frame Rail

8 Culverts

* This is a list of all rails owned but not necessarily all the rails you will find in place at once. Rails are consistently rotated to keep things fresh and avoid clutter (no one likes a messy terrain park, right?)

Terrain Park jumps

  • Little Meat
  • Sweet Meat
  • Raw Meat
  • Step-up
  • Shocker
  • Mini and Large Marge
  • Triple Threat Hip
  • Hitching Post
  • Satellite (jump in jump out)
* This is a list of all jumps at a given time. They are not necessarily set up all at once. Amount of jumps and rails set is dependent on snow both in limited and excessive quantities.

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