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Ability Levels Tots

Ability Check for Programs at Mount Washington

Discover Skiing - First Time Skier

Designed for as an introductory skiing program for first time tots. Taught on green terrain or Easy Acres.

  • Welcome to the Sport of Skiing!
  • First time skier who has never skied before.
  • GOAL To consistently snowplow stop
mount Washington Snow School

Ability Check for Programs at Mount Washington

Discover Snowboarding - First Time Rider

First Time Rider – Welcome to the Sport of Snowboarding!

  • First time snowboarder.
  • Never ever ridden before
  • GOAL Side slipping on your toe or heel edge.
mount Washington Snow School
Mountain Kids Bears Program at Mount Washington

Bears - Skiing Level One

Beginner Skier – Skis Green Terrain in Easy Acres
  • Ride the magic carpet.
  • Shows a balanced stance in a straight run
  • GOAL Can snowplow stop on their own.
Mountain Kids Groms Program at Mount Washington

Groms - Snowboard Level One

Beginner Rider – Rides Green Terrain in Easy Acres Terrain
  • Has ridden once before
  • Can side slip easily with direction across on the easiest of Green runs
  • GOAL To be able to link toe and heel edge turns.
Mountain Kids Marmots Program at Mount Washington

Marmots - Skiing Level Two

Novice Skier
– Skis Green and Blue Terrain in Easy Acres and off the Hawk Chair
  • Can turn left or right snowplow turns on gentle terrain
  • Familiar with riding all magic carpets
  • GOAL Snowplow stop and controlled snowplow turns on their own.
Mountain Kids Sliders Program at Mount Washington

Sliders - Snowboard Level Two

Novice Rider – Rides Green and Blue terrain in Easy Acres and the Hawk Chair
  • Can confidently link turns on all Green runs.
  • GOAL To be able to confidently ride on all Blue runs while linking turns. Experiment with the Beginner Park.
Mountain Kids coyotes Program at Mount Washington

Coyotes - Skiing Level Three

Intermediate Skier – Skis Blue Terrain on the Hawk and Whiskey Chair
  • Balanced over turning ski
  • Parallel turns on all Green runs
  • Snowplow with some parallel turns on Blue runs
  • GOAL To be parallel skiing on all Blue runs on Hawk and Whiskey Jack Chair runs.
Mountain Kids Shredders Program at Mount Washington

Shredders - Snowboard Level Three

Intermediate Rider – Rides Blue Terrain on the Hawk and Whiskey Jack Chair
  • Can do fluid linked turns on Blue runs at moderate speeds
  • Consolidating skills
  • GOAL To get more performance from the board while exploring more challenging terrain. To learn basic
    freestyle mechanics. Become comfortable in the Beginner Park.
Mountain Kids Eagles Program at Mount Washington

Eagles - Skiing Level Four

Advanced Skier – Skis Blue/Black Terrain on the Eagle and Sunrise Chair
  • Show a variety of turn sizes
  • Confident on diverse terrain and skis parallel
  • Displays edging skills on Blue runs.
  • Link turns in the bumps.
  • GOAL Linking turns in the bumps, explore the Green Park and pole planting.
Mountain Kids Freeriders Program at Mount Washington

Free-Riders - Snowboard Level Four

Advanced Rider – Rides Blue and Black Terrain on Eagle and Sunrise Chair.
  • Aggressive riding on all Blue runs
  • Consolidating and refining skills
  • Explore steeper and varied terrain
  • GOAL To ride switch on Blue terrain. Venture into Advanced Park, moguls and challenging terrain.

Please note: These levels are for childrens programs, ages 4-6

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