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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service is a means by which Mount Washington Alpine Resort offers information in XML format ("RSS Content") to Internet users who visit our website and use RSS aggregators ("RSS Readers"). These Terms of Use may be changed by Mount Washington Alpine Resort at any time without notice.

Use Of RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are a free service offered by Mount Washington Alpine Resort for non-commercial use. Any other uses, including but not limited to the incorporation of advertising into, associated with or targeted towards the RSS Feed content, are strictly prohibited. You must use the RSS Feeds as provided by Mount Washington Alpine Resort. You may not edit or modify the content or links supplied in the RSS Feed by Mount Washington Alpine Resort. All requests for uses other than personal uses may be directed to

Linking to RSS Feed Content

The RSS Feed content may only be used with an RSS Reader or aggregate from which a functioning link, that when accessed, successfully takes the viewer directly to the relevant detailed online webpage within Mount Washington Alpine Resort's family of websites. You may not display the RSS Feed content in any other manner. No intermediate pages, content, ads or frames are permitted between the RSS Feed link and Mount Washington Alpine Resort's web page.


Mount Washington Alpine Resort retains all ownership and other rights to the RSS Feeds content, and any and all Mount Washington Alpine Resort logos, trademarks, and all forms of content used in connection with the RSS Feed. Attribution to the appropriate Mount Washington Alpine Resort website must be provided with all RSS Feed usage. The approved Mount Washington Alpine Resort logo provided with the RSS Feed must be used if the attribution uses a graphic element.

Right to Discontinue Feeds

Mount Washington Alpine Resort reserves the right to discontinue any or all RSS Feed services at any time for any reason including, without limitation, violation of these Terms and Conditions, at which time you will be required to cease displaying, distributing or otherwise using the RSS Feeds and their content. Mount Washington Alpine Resort assumes no liability for any activities in connection with the use of the RSS Feeds in a website or any other form.

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