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From July 08, 2022 8:30am until July 08, 2022 4:30pm

The 1-day Kids Module is a professional training module to further the skills and knowledge of PMBI instructors.

The 1-day module is packed with value as instructors learn a multitude of tools to develop their teaching, including but not limited to; how to adapt their lessons for children of different age groups, kids-specific bike and equipment set up, risk management and concussion protocols, more strategies for guiding children safely on technical terrain, as well as explore techniques to help manage the behaviour and expectations of children.

While the Kids Module is a great way for Level 1 Instructors to learn more about teaching kids mountain bike programs, it also introduces some new teaching concepts, acting as great preparation for the Level 2 and 3 certifications.

The Kids Module also provides access to the latest PMBIA Reference Guide, Kids Module Booklet (complete with course-specific content), and the Kids Module Worksheet.


  • Learn more about teaching kids. If you’re a Level 1 or 2 instructor and plan to teach kids programs a lot, this training module is ideal.
  • Improve the safety of your lessons. Learn more about guiding kids on suitable terrain, given their age, size and physical capabilities.
  • Make your lessons more fun! There’s lots more to teaching kids than simply “playing games”. If they are riding bikes and improving, they’ll be having fun. Learn to deliver the best lessons in the optimal way for each age group, so your kids keep coming back for more!
  • Develop your teaching skills for all types of riders! The 1-day module provides continued training and development to help instructors refine the delivery of any lesson, regardless of the student type. 
  • Prepare for the Level 2 or complete your Level 3 Certification: The Kids module introduces some new concepts featured in the Level 2 Certification and acts as a mandatory component of the modular Level 3 Certification. Instructors can take this module at any point following their Level 1 Certification. 

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