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PMBIA Level 1 Course

From July 15, 2022 8:30am until July 17, 2022 4:30pm

The Level 1 course is designed to train new instructors to teach and guide mountain biking:

  • to beginner to intermediate riders
  • on green and blue, single-track terrain
  • in a “front country” environment, no more than 1hr away from emergency medical care
  • during small group lessons, ranging from 2 to 3 hr teaching blocks (a full day could be two, 3hr lessons)
  • for an established mountain bike school, club or coaching service

Course Duration: Three days + pre-course reading and worksheet (2-3hrs), totalling 27 hrs, including assessment.


The Level 1 course trains both new and experienced instructors to skillfully teach and guide beginner to intermediate mountain bikers, in both cross country and downhill environments. New instructors learn the tools they need to safely and effectively teach, while experienced instructors will increase their level of skill and understanding in teaching and riding theory, that the PMBI Certifications uniquely provide.

A strong focus is given to learning teaching skills in their own right, to develop a sense of this all-important part of a mountain bike lesson. As you learn and practice proven, modern teaching skills through the course, you’ll see how being a good rider is only one part of being a professional instructor.

Each day of the three-day course, instructor candidates will learn riding skills and theory, have plenty of time to practice, and receive personal feedback for their own improvement. Additional PMBI Workshops covering topics such as bike-fit, mechanics and first aid, take place at the start or end of each day, to further build your knowledge and skillset during the course.

For information on re-certifying, re-tests and crossing over from other certifications, please see our FAQ page here.


  • Develop your passion for teaching: Any professional instructor must have a passion for teaching as much as they do for riding. This course will give you the essential tools you need to become a professional instructor. You’ll learn how much teaching is a skill in its own right, and how important this is in becoming a fun, safe, effective instructor and guide.
  • Improve your riding skills: learn the all-important, fundamental skills you need to rail corners, gain confidence on technical climbs & descents, and master manoeuvres such as front and rear wheel lifts, or rolling drops. Learn how to gain control in any situation to build confidence, safety and fun on your bike.
  • Some key things you’ll learn: How to ride better and why the skills you learn work, how to plan and execute professional, skills and manoeuvre-based, mountain bike lessons in both cross country and downhill settings, and how to guide MTB groups safely on technical terrain during your lessons.
  • Become more skilled, versatile and adaptable as a rider and instructor
  • Have fun: it’s 3 days of riding bikes, learning and getting stoked!
  • Become your own coach: Through a greater knowledge of riding skills and learning theory, your increased understanding of the sport will help you analyze your own riding and enable you to teach yourself!
  • Recognized Certification from the best: Gain the industry's most widely available and globally adopted mountain bike instructor certification, the PMBI Certification.

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