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Season Passholders

To our Valued Seasons Pass Members:

The "100 Days of Winter"

We are pleased to introduce the "100 Days of Winter" assurance for all Mount Washington season passholders. For every day below 100 days that we are unable to open, Mount Washington Alpine Resort will provide you, our season passholder, with a credit worth 1% of the value of your pass, to be applied towards the purchase of an equivalent pass next season.

This season has been thin at times, but most seasons are usually pretty epic (up to 12 meters in a season!). So far, this winter may not have been ideal for all passholders but we were able to open for 15 days in January. For those that used their season pass in the 15 days, we are pleased that you had the opportunity to enjoy the warm temperatures and spring-like conditions. We are open again!

For every day we are open, the 1% credit re-calculates. We know there will be some questions that arise – so here are a few more details that we trust will help;
  • The 100 days are for the entire season, regardless of opening or closing dates
  • The credit is based on number of days we are open, not on your pass usage
  • Any credits (from this year’s pass value) will be applied to next year’s pass purchase

For further information or if you have questions - please email:

2013-14 season pass brochure A Mount Washington Season Pass is the best way to get the most out of your winter and enjoy your Island mountain! To get the best deal, you should definitely buy your pass during the Early Bird campaign which runs to September 30, 2013.Download Season Pass Guide(PDF)

Buy Online & Win

Purchase your 13.14 season pass online for a chance to win your money back!*
*purchase your pass through MyMW and you will be entered to win back the cost of one season pass.

Family Discounts

Did you know that families get discounts on Gold, Alpine and Nordic season passes? Our family discounts start at 15% off and depending on how many individuals in your family, discounts could get as high as 25% off our already discounted early bird rates!

Find Out More

The Gold Season Pass is our most popular and offers benefits worth their weight in gold! Benefits for Gold Season Passholders include deals on demo skis, lessons and season long discounts in our retail outlets.

Here is the list of our season pass options for winter 13/14, which one will you choose?

WINTER 2013-2014



ends Sept. 30th, 2013
Oct. 1st, 2013
Adult (19-64) $1050.00 $1299.00
Child (6-12) $545.00 $680.00
Youth (13-18) $850.00 $1060.00
Senior (65+) $850.00 $1060.00
Parent Pass (19-64) $1050.00 $1299.00


Adult (19-64) $975.00 $1199.00
Child (6-12) $510.00 $650.00
Youth (13-18) $790.00 $990.00
Senior (65+) $790.00 $990.00
Parent Pass (19-64) $975.00 $1199.00


Adult (19-64) $450.00 $560.00
Child (6-12) $235.00 $295.00
Youth (13-18) $365.00 $460.00
Senior (65+) $365.00 $460.00


Alpine (18-64) $545.00 $680.00
Nordic (18-64) $233.00 $291.00


Adult (19-64) $159.00 $199.00
Child (6-12) $79.00 $99.00
Youth (13-18) $129.00 $159.00
Senior (65+) $129.00 $159.00


Adult (19-64) $289.00 $361.00
Child (6-12) $175.00 $219.00
Youth (13-18) $259.00 $324.00
Senior (65+) $259.00 $324.00

Rookie Year Pass

Child (6-12) $419.00 $525.00
Tot (4-5) $199.00 $250.00


Adult (19-64) $288.00 $360.00
Child (6-12) $149.00 $186.00
Youth (13-18) $233.00 $291.00
Senior (65+) $233.00 $291.00
Parent Pass (19-64) $288.00 $360.00

Alpine Rental Season Pass *

Adult (19-64) $232.00 $289.00
Child (6-12) $121.00 $159.00
Youth (13-18) $232.00 $289.00
Senior (65+) $232.00 $289.00

Nordic Rental Season Pass *

Adult (19-64) $126.00 $158.00
Child (6-12) $66.00 $83.00
Youth (13-18) $126.00 $158.00
Senior (65+) $126.00 $158.00
Tot (2-5) $46.00 $58.00

Super Senior (75+) (**)


Tot Pass (0-5) (**)



$99 $125.00

Ski Shuttle

$99 $99.00

Rental Season Pass (*)

Seasonal gear rentals will allow guests to pay one time to rent a ski or snowboard package for the whole winter. Available for adults, youth and children; the program gives unlimited use of gear for season. Switch gear whenever you like. The best part is your equipment will always be tuned with a fresh coat of wax.
Rental season pass equipment must returned daily

Super Senior & Tot Passes (**)

$15 Administration fee

All prices quoted in Canadian funds and subject to TAX. Rental equipment and lift tickets extra unless otherwise specified. Prices valid for the 2013-2014 winter season.

Gift Cards

The perfect gift!


Redeemable anywhere on the mountain for merchandise or services.

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Winter Seasons Pass Application

2013-14 Winter Season Pass Guide

Winter Seasons Pass Waiver

Please print in COLOUR, documents NOT in colour will be void. Please read and sign as required, documents NOT signed as required will be void