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Mount Washington Alpine Resort Events 2013.14

Mudd, Sweat & Tears Vancouver Island

Mudd, Sweat and Tears offers 5k, 10k and the MST Monster obstacle course mud run events of extreme proportion. Our courses combine the best organic and natural features found throughout each site, with a series of constructed obstacles, which will have you – crawling, climbing, swimming, carrying and dragging yourself, possibly fellow competitors, and a series of objects: up, over, under, through and around hill and dale. And just when you think there can’t be another hill to climb or pit to drag yourself through….

Mudd Sweat & Tears Accommodation

Mudd Sweat & Tears Accommodation

25% off Two Night Mudd Sweat & Tears Accommodation August 16-18, 2013. Discount applies to 1,2,or 3 bedroom condos.

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  • 2 Nights Accommodation on Mount Washington
  • Available August 16-18, 2013
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MST is not for the faint of heart or unprepared. You will get dirty, muddy, scraped up, cold, physically and mentally punished, and may end up smiling continuously.

If you’re not of average or above average fitness levels, prepared to race hard, race smart and help your fellow competitors, than this may not be the event for you. On the other hand, for those who are up for the challenge the rewards can be contagious!

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START: August 17, 2013 7:00am
END: August 17, 2013 5:00pm
HOST: Mount Washington
1 Strathcona Parkway