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24 hours til Suds and Scotch!

Article Date: July-12-2012

24 hours til Suds and Scotch!

We still have tickets left to the sampling event of the season. That's right, you can sample the finest brews and scotches available tomorrow night at the Raven Lodge from 6 to 9pm.

Where else can you taste some of summer's most delicious, summer-oriented brews? Try VIB's Beachcomber Summer Ale, Whistler Brewing Co's Pineapple Express Wheat Ale, or Granville Island Brewing's Raspberry Ale. And that's just the tip of the beerberg. Yum, yum, yum!

Tickets are only $25 per person which includes your first five samples. Why should you show up? How about this scenario- if you're the type that looks at that big ol' wall of beer or scotch at the local liquor store and ask yourself “Hmmm, I wonder how that one tastes?” Well, now you can find out!

Book your tickets online here or go to our event calendar to find out more information. So come on up and beat the heat- you'll get a brew with a view!

Speaking of beat the heat....

There's no doubt that summer is now back with a vengeance. It took a while, but it's back! Instead of sitting directly under the ceiling fan or worse, hanging in front of the air conditioner, why not head up to where the air is chilled naturally?

It's a reasonable 21C with the air slightly cooled from the remaining winter snow. Our Mile High Chairlift Rides are a trip straight to nirvana for those with a penchant for views in fresh mountain air. You may even catch a glimpse of a Marmot or two on the way up (for a feel good Marmot story read this)!

See you this summer at Your Island Mountain!