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Mount Washington Blog PostWhat do you do when it's a powder day and your little one is too little to join you? Well, we are trying out the Mountain Kids Daycare at Mount Washington. That's right, we are having a totally selfish daddy/mommy day on the mountain and I don't feel guilty in the least! OK that's a bit of a lie, I feel completely guilty. I'm leaving our baby girl with a bunch of strangers for the day so I can go rip powder with my husband. I am not feeling like supermom right now.

We walk into the daycare space for the first time and I take a good look around. It's large, bright, and filled with more toys than any baby girl would know what to do with. The guilt ebbs away slightly as I see another little girl her age surrounded by the daycare staff sitting and playing with her. I did my research and all the daycare staff have their ECE certification (Early Childhood Education) and all the necessary experience needed to work with children. It's not just transient employees looking for a free ski pass, these staff are genuinely interested in looking after your kids and have the training to prove it.

I would love to be able to say that our baby girl took one look around and ran off to play but that would be a bit of a lie. She is a bit shy and stood there with her finger in her mouth looking a bit lost. One of the patient staff members working that day came over to lead her away to play. She's in safe hands now, time to ride!

What an amazing time on the mountain. We can't believe the snow this year, its light and fluffy and there is just so much! This is coming from a couple from Banff who are used to infamous dry Alberta powder. It was just what we needed; time together, doing something we are both passionate about. It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect.

Sheilas Blog at mount Washington

A very happy "Mama Mama!" greets us when we arrive back at the mountain daycare. Our baby girl runs into into my arms and gives me a big hug. She shows us all the toys she's been playing with. I tell her it's time to go. "Bye bye!" she shouts to everyone. She enjoyed herself and I’m so relieved.

Sheilas Blog at mount Washington

Sometimes you and your partner need a break, a bit of an adventure together. It gives you time to talk about the other things, apart from busy schedules and memorable diaper changes! My husband and I feel refreshed, recharged and more relaxed. Amazing what fresh air and exercise do!

Our baby girl shouts "Skiing!" as we drive away. We are going to have some great family adventures up here.