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Mount Washington Blog Post"Get a season's pass." Those are four words to live by. If you're reading my blog, then you're interested in the snow and playing in it. If you can afford a full - on gold pass, do it. If not, then get a weekday pass. If you're flat broke, get a job up here and get a staff pass and get paid to be here. Just do what it takes to get one. Why? Because it is your license to live during the winter months! I've had a season's pass every winter since 1993, and to be honest, those little plastic cards with my picture on them have been instrumental in maintaining my happiness, fitness, social proclivity and fulfilling my thrill - seeking tendencies. I'm going to tell you why you need to get one if you're not already on this program.

Firstly, forget the math. Sure, it takes a certain number of visits to "pay off" the pass. I don't know what the exact formula is (probably the total price divided by the amount of a day pass plus or minus {the square root of [B squared minus 4AC] all over 2A}. See? It's really complicated! You don't need to do the math because if you already have the pass, IT'S PAID FOR ALREADY. Done. Each day is basically free from day one. You might not break even on your pass or you may blow away the breakeven point and ski and/or ride 6 or 7 passes worth of days. That's not the point. The point is, is that it gives you the freedom to say, "Nope, I'm not going skiing/riding today".

Mount Washington Blog post- Licensed to Live

Sorry? No? Not going skiing? What could I possibly mean by such a negative statement?(Well technically, it's a double negative so what I'm also saying is that yes, I am going skiing today.) What I mean is that of the 130 or so days available to ski/ride over a winter season, you have the freedom to go anytime you want for as long as you want. So, if you have an appointment at lunch, or you work in the afternoon, or have kids to pick up from school, you can still head up the mountain for early morning deep powder sessions, for high speed groomer turns, or for airs in the terrain park. OR NOT. You can wake up in the morning, look at the daily snow report, weather forecast and webcams, enter the data into your mental Go - Skiing - or - Stay - Home formula and say "Nope, not today", or "Yahoo! Let's go!!" The thing is, you don't ever have to a) line up to buy a day ticket and b) actually buy a day ticket, so you can come and go as you please and park at whatever lot you feel has the best snow for your daily speed, thrills and fun fix. If you come up and the conditions aren't great, you can do two or three runs and then head down, or if it's A - friggin - Mazing, you can stay till last chair. There's even night skiing! It's your choice. It's freedom, and that is what you paid for all those months ago (because you bought your pass before September 30th's early - bird deadline, right? Right.)

Mount Washington Blog PostThis last week or so has been all dark and gloomy in town - cloudy, misty, damp and cold. On the mountain however, it's been nothing but blue skies, warm sunny days and angels playing harps and singing heavenly melodies while happy people are blissfully sliding down the hills on skis, snowboards, stomachs and backs, toboggans, and tubes. (And of course there are those who are sliding across the flats on their cross - country gear, which is not something I totally understand, but hey, whatever makes you happy.) Having a season's pass has given me the freedom to come up for a couple of hours to get above the clouds and ride a chairlift to the top of our mountain to take in the most breathtaking panoramic views, get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and carve the slushy slush. AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE INCREDIBLE SUNSETS!! Wow, I need to calm down and end this before I give away too many state secrets and get tried for treason by the locals…

Keep your eyes on the forest, not on the trees. Get a season's pass. It'll change your life