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Dear Brent,

Mount Washington Blog PostI don't think I can deliver on the last blog for the season. I've been trying to write an article about "Mountain Karma" but it's waaay too deep and I'm finding it impossible to write about something that people who aren't in the know would understand. Understand?

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Mount Washington Blog Post"Get a season's pass." Those are four words to live by. If you're reading my blog, then you're interested in the snow and playing in it. If you can afford a full - on gold pass, do it. If not, then get a weekday pass. If you're flat broke, get a job up here and get a staff pass and get paid to be here. Just do what it takes to get one. Why? Because it is your license to live during the winter months! I've had a season's pass every winter since 1993, and to be honest, those little plastic cards with my picture on them have been instrumental in maintaining my happiness, fitness, social proclivity and fulfilling my thrill - seeking tendencies. I'm going to tell you why you need to get one if you're not already on this program.

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