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Principle #10: Air Quality

Guests and operators value fresh air as an integral part of the skiing experience. Although there are many sources in and around the community that, combined, may compromise air quality, we can do our share to help minimize impacts. Some of the many benefits of cleaner air and reduced air pollution include enhanced visibility and lessening human influences on climate change, which is of particular concern to ski areas given their location.


  • Minimize ski area impacts to air quality
  • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as feasible

Options for getting there:

  • Reducing air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, facilities and vehicles through clean energy and transportation-related measures
  • Using dust abatement methods for dirt roads during summer operations and construction
  • Revegetating as appropriate to control dust
  • Reducing the sanding and cindering of ski area roads by using alternative deicing materials
  • Sweeping paved parking lots periodically
  • Reducing burning of slash through chipping or other beneficial uses
  • Limiting wood burning fireplaces or using cleaner burning woodstoves and fireplaces and installing gas fireplaces
  • Working with local and regional communities to reduce potential air quality impacts